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Fellowship Profile and History

The Fellowship of Christian Motorcyclists was founded in February 1976 in response to a problem encountered by many Christian motorcyclists: all the usual Bike Clubs would hold their meetings / events on a Sunday. The solution: start your own club!
So, in a living room in Dagenham, the foundations of the Fellowship took shape, with the objective of providing opportunities for Christians and motorcyclists to join together in a variety of activities. Membership is open to all, with or without a motorcycle, with the offer of pillion rides being made available when practical. The majority of meetings are on a Saturday (although there are often opportunities to meet during the week, depending on the individual members commitments), offering the chance of Christian fellowship to believers and non-believers alike.

The rules are relatively simple, the Christian ethos is at the core and we try to be considerate and courteous to everyone we meet, on and off the road. The Fellowship is  based on the two great commandments. Membership is open to all motorcyclists, moped riders, scooter riders, pillion riders, and sidecar users. We are not bothered by what you ride, so long as you enjoy it. Several members have expressed their joy in finding something both they and their non-believing partner can belong to and enjoy! And a number of those partners have come to know the Lord Jesus as their own friend and Saviour too.
The Fellowship is affiliated to the British Motorcyclists Federation and took a stand each year at the BMF Show in Peterborough until the Show folded. For several years the Fellowship was invited to lead a service there on the Sunday morning. We still acknowledge the need to maintain a Christian presence at such shows and we use the opportunity to share our faith alongside our love of motorcycling.

From the very beginning, members enjoyed a regular magazine which started life with the imaginative name of Newsletter until being renamed Trans:Mission in the mid 1980ís. The Fellowship is trying to keep up with the times and Trans:Mission is now available to all members in electronic format, although some members still prefer to pay the costs of receiving a paper copy. Other contact is maintained between members through the organisation of Regions, with a Regional Secretary helping to organise a programme of events through the year. All members are welcome to attend any event; and bring friends along too. A National Committee oversees the running of the Fellowship and organises an Annual Camp, as well as the Annual General Meeting (you canít avoid those) both of which are great opportunities for everyone to get together.

Apart from the monthly runs organised by each Region, Fellowship members have also been abroad with an annual run to members living in northern France. There have also been motorcycling trips to South Africa, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Gibraltar, and even Orkney!

As members range in ages and abilities (as do their bikes) you will find yourself talking to and riding alongside Grandparents, students, Doctors, Ministers, schoolchildren...in fact, just about anyone! 

We are now well into our 5th decade as a Fellowship - not bad for something that was only expected to last for a few years back in the seventies!

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