How we organise ourselves

The FCM has members throughout the whole country and so for practicality we have divided ourselves up into Regions. If you would like to know more about who we are and what we're doing, drop us an email by clicking on the Regional Secretaries name.

Currently we have six active regions:
Region Secretary Description Map
(covering the Chilterns and the Costwolds)
Members 2017:

Jon Field
I am Jon Field and I am the Chiltern Regional Secretary....a very grand title for someone who sat in a pub at the start of the year with some people who, thanks to the FCM, have become good friends. We arranged some runs for this year, the first of which was very successful at time of speaking and I hope to welcome a few new people to the remainder of the year's runs.

(covering the East coast through Anglia)
Members 2017:

Dereck Hamling
From East London and Essex, through Suffolk, all the way up to Norfolk - that's the Essex Region. If you live here, or are just joining us for the day, contact me and join us for a run.

(covering South London and Sussex)
Members 2017:

Jo Anthony

Sadly our former Kent Secretary David Fawcett suffered a stroke to the end of last year, so I've stepped in to act as secretary for the Kent Region.

I have been a member of the FCM since the last Millennium and have ridden a wide variety of machines during that time. Now my eldest son is old enough to ride pillion with me on a run - a great way of bonding. Just a short while before he will want his own bike!

(covering Hampshire and Dorset, Devon and Cornwall)
Members 2017:

Nicky Partridge
Although our region spreads a long way across the country, and just re-merged with the Westcountry Region (people will move houses), there's plenty of roads for you to join us on. So get in touch and meet us the next time we're out.

Wales-West Mercia
(covering Shropshire and North & South Wales)
Members 2017:

Mike Simpson
With half our members on the Welsh coast, and the other half on the opposite border of the region, we try to arrange runs on an east / west split, so something is probably happening near you at some point. I'm in my sixties and have been riding on and off since I was 16 and am currently riding a Triumph Tiger 800. We've made trips across to France a couple of years ago and may do so again, so why not come and join us on a run through the beautiful Welsh (and English) countryside and even beyond.?
Region Secretary Description Map

Other members are grouped into a National Region (or is that International??) until four "local" members get together and elect a Regional Secretary - then a new Region is born!

Each Region tries to organise a run (visit) to somewhere each month, with neighbouring Regions trying to avoid the same weekend each month. All Regions welcome members from other Regions to join in the fun.

And on top of all that, there are National Events organised, like the Annual Camp and organising stands at Shows.

So there's a very good chance that we have members living near you - and a chance to join in a run on most weekends becomes possible.