Ridden to Glory

We would like to invite you to leave a memory about our brother or sister who is no longer with the Fellowship since they were called home to be with their Lord. If you think that someone else should be added, please let us know. Any photographs can be added with your comment (if you only have a hard copy print, then please send it to the Webmaster who can scan it and return it to you). Please complete your message in the box below and send it to us. (It will be moderated before it appears on this site).

Brian Partridge
4th April 1948 - 25th December 2018

Always generous with his time, he was willing to share the gospel with anyone he met. He will be remembered.

Always willing to share the gospel and to greet anyone with a big smile, Brian went to be with his Lord on Christmas Day 2018 following complications from operations on his eyes earlier in the year. .
Tim Rice

Margaret Edwards
22nd September 1936 - 21st December 2018

Much loved, as she loved her Saviour..

Margaret had ridden on the back of her husband Glyn's bike since the formation of the Fellowship, always the quiet, calm voice in the background. She will be missed by current and former members alike. .
Tim Rice

David Fawcett
1940 - 21st March 2017

His smiling face and infectious laugh will be missed on our runs.

Retired missionary David had been a biker for many years when he came across the FCM. He quickly became a regular face on the Kent Region runs, even venturing onto the continent with us on his 350cc scooter after his hips told him to get rid of his Honda 500! He was always ready to share the gospel alongside his love of motorbikes wherever we went. Kent will certainly miss him, but he is now with the Lord he loved and served for many years.
Tim Rice

Mike Wilman
17th November 1951 - 14th November 2016

He was a good man, and a friend. Generous with his time. He will be much missed.

Mike Wilman had been a member of the FCM for 17 years. He joined after he found a copy of Trans:Mission by the roadside in Staines (dropped by myself earlier in the day when I was visiting Phil!) I don't recommend littering as a means of obtaining new members, but on this occasion it was successful! He was publicity officer from 2003 to 2007, and Wessex Secretary with Brian Godfrey after that. He was the reason we held a club stand at Beaulieu Motorcycle show for a number of years, and gained further members through that, including Brian Godfrey and Patrick Laycock, and we had a great time into the bargain. He also arranged mid-week meets along with John and Jean Rees and Brian when he was still well.He was a member of St Paul's Church and had recently joined their FROGS group (For Retired Old Gits Society!), a member of the church fabric committee, a member of the Rotary Motorcyclists, the Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists, member of a church choir. He only retired from work as a lecturer at Southampton University in September. He died of a massive heart attack on 14 November 2016. .
Nicky Partridge

Brian Godfrey
1937 - 20thApril 2016

Having served his Lord and Saviour for many years, and encouraged many in their faith, Brian is now with Him forever.

Peter Vickers
11th February 1931 - 7th December 2013

Now receiving his reward from his Lord and Saviour whom he served for many years.

Peter Vickers shone with the Holy Spirit. He was excited about Jesus and when he spoke about his faith he could not sit still.
Peter was a great encourager of others, quick to acknowledge the gifts, efforts and contributions of other people. He was a lovely man and we are blessed and privileged to have known him.
Janice Thomson

Paul Sargent
-12th February 2011

Quiet, always ready to help and advise, Paul was a great encouragement to many in the Fellowship.
"I got to know Paul very soon after joining FCM when we used to meet in Horseferry Road, Westminster opposite the Magistrate's Courts. I remember it as being a gloomy area, but we enjoyed wonderful fellowship at FCM and on runs.
My main memories of Paul were at the annual camp, and on the 24-hour Annual Rallies. Two of the earliest camps were in Burgess Hill, run by the Popes - I rather think you joined the FCM later than those. At camp Paul and I would meet outside our tents fairly early, both having our morning Bible reading and prayer time, and sharing the beauty and quietness of the morning.
I shall not forget the Annual Rally when Superted, Paul and I made a team and enjoyed a superb tour of England following the clues, getting lost and re-finding ourselves, and so enjoying our bikes together. Then there was the FCM Pilgrimage that Alf Minter led, when we worshipped with the monks in Alnmouth, slept on Holy Island, and travelled across to Mull and Iona together.
Paul was a wonderful friend, even though our meetings were just a few times a year - or less - but it was a joy to share with him and to correspond regularly at Christmas.
Well, he is now Home where he had eagerly awaited meeting his Master. I pray that Paul's dear wife, Beryl, and their family will know the peace of the Lord at this particular time."
Anthony Smith

Paul Sargent – A Personal Tribute.

Paul Sargent has been in the FCM for the best part of 30 years in a number of roles including National Chairman. He was the rock of the Chiltern region and always brought us together. His family have told me how he valued the FCM and he possesses a substantial collection of past FCM memorabilia, which I know he was keen to catalogue.
In the past 5 years or so, he has been a full time carer to his wife Beryl, who is still suffering from dementia. I remember him telling me it was like losing a soul mate and best friend even though she is with him every day. Paul remained totally dedicated to his caring role uncomplainingly, right up to the point where he could no longer do so. Only then he secured her full time care before moving into another part of the complex himself. This truly shows to me what love really is. In fact the reason he reluctantly stopped riding his BMW, was because if he fell off, he was concerned there would be no one to look after Beryl.
Paul has been a real inspiration to me. When he shared with me at the Port Einon camp, the story of how he and Beryl had to cope with the suicide of their Son, it really made the problems that I have moaned at God about seem so insignificant. He always tried to support our events and often stayed in touch with past members and made sure everyone was invited. Any events where he wasn’t there, he was well missed. I always remember the time at Balsall Common AGM, when I was playing piano for a hymn and glancing at Paul and watching him radiate God while worshipping.
For almost a year now, Paul has been fighting a very aggressive form of skin cancer, which was attacking his face mainly. When I last spoke to him face to face, I was shocked by the seriousness of his condition. He told me that he was going to undergo treatment, but had no trace of self-pity or fear in his voice. In all of these trials his faith did not falter one jot. In fact, as I write this just 2 days after the sad news, I find from his family, that he has planned his funeral and memorial celebration down to the finest detail, without a trace of uncertainty in the sure hope he had. I do hope by the time this is published, Paul has had a send off which a large FCM representation.
I can honestly say that despite the age gap, he was a real friend. I don’t think I have got any other friends that I am so tuned in with of that age group. I really valued his advice and he always seemed to show a genuine interest in how I was. To finish I quote Gloria, who puts it so beautifully, that Paul is going on the best run of all….”The Home Run”.
Stanley Carter Chiltern Secretary

Mavis Bunn
- 24th July 2010

Mavis was loved by everyone who met her and she was very quick to spot the new member and make them feel welcome. You may have known her as Mavis Cornelius or Mavis Cooper, but she would regularly contribute to Trans:Mission as "Mave the Rave"
"one of the Fellowship's founding members died this morning.
Mavis Bunn had been active within FCM, although less so since she moved to Wales with her husband Steve, until she had a major stroke 4 years ago.
Mavis was always a bright ray of light into any of the lives of the people she met, no matter what her own circumstances were.
She will be missed by all who had the pleasure to know her."

Alf Minter
1922 - 2008

Alf was still riding up to a couple of months before he died. One time President of the BMF, Alf maintained his passion for bikes (and dislike of cars) throughout his life. Members of the Fellowship were able to attend Alf's funeral service and join in a mass bike procession around Sandwich.

Clive Banks
- 2007

Clive was a great encouragement to everyone he met, whether in their Christian lives or their biking lives.

Steve Goldsmith
- 1996

'Much loved, still missed'.

Graham Salt
- 1981

A founding member of the FCM, he is still loved and remembered by those who knew him.